Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15216
Network Marketing Coach, Author, Speaker

Chris has been an absolute game charger in my life.  My mindset has grown drastically from his coaching.   My goals post-graduation were a status quo 9-5 job.  I was studying bio-medical engineering.   His mindset coaching challenged my molded beliefs from society to start my own company, prototype a design, and only want to chase my dreams and goals as an entrepreneur.  His Limiting Beliefs program was a complete paradigm shift.

-Nick Padovani, Entrepreneur and Inventor-
If their is one word I could use to describe Chris Glod it would be VISIONARY.  He foresees patterns and trends in the world that most people could only dream of. His expertise in many avenues of business is highly respectable by many 7-8 figure earners. I highly recommend you take as much value from Chris that you can 

-Hassan Mahmoud, 7 figure Enagic Earner-

Chris drastically improved my prospecting skills.  Within the network marketing industry i was able to learn the science behind prospecting and how to effectively pique interest.  This then has carried on in my established career as a financial adviser.  I highly recommend his prospecting program to anyone looking to improve their prospecting skills, it is without a doubt the best program out there in the industry.

-Lieba Dlinn, Financial Adviser-

Chris is a phenomenal coach.  He is a plethora of knowledge on the network marketing industry.  I learned a great deal of public speaking from him including telling my story, the right tonality to use, and advanced speaking tactics.  Together, I was able to create a phenomenal story and drastically improve my speaking engagements.  I would highly recommend his book Inflection and Kinesics as well as his science of storytelling program to anyone looking into his products!

-Elizabeth Wilkins, Kyani sapphire-

Upon meeting Chris it became immediately obvious that just having a relationship with him would begin to fuel my company over time. Within the first few hours of our discussions he had already painted a new picture for how my company should be promoting itself online and in the real world. Chris quickly sprang to action and began to type up new sales materials, strategies, and made numerous phone calls to gain valuable connections. I can honestly say I have never seen such immense growth in my company so quickly.

 -Chris Sammarone, CEO UpCode Studios & WebPresence-

I became very close with Chris through my fiancé.    I took a leap of faith becoming a part of the network marketing industry.  In working with Chris I have grown so much mentally and emotionally.  I developed a rhino skin mindset to persevere in my business through both the hard and easy times. Chris spent countless hours coaching my abilities to prospect, story tell, and close.  His abundance of knowledge helped ease the learning curve and instill the confidence I needed to stay consistent.  Without a doubt, Chris is a servitude leader.  

–Tania Richard, Network Marketer in Jeunesse -

Chris and I have become extremely close over the last year and a half.  He has given me immersible value from a  coaching standpoint.  I could not speak higher of his mentorship and coaching.  His products are second to none the best in the industry.  I would highly recommend if you take your network marketing business seriously you will study them again and again.  I can't thank you enough Chris for our friendship will last a lifetime and your one on one coaching is invaluable to me.

-Tait Williams, Network Marketer in Vemma-

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris Glod for about 3 years now. I met him through a company we were both affiliated with and I was blown away by his presence, demeanor and all he had accomplished at such a young age. We grew to become friends and worked closely together. Last summer, Chris hired me as his mentor and flew to California so I could coach him for the summer. While working so closely with him, I not only was so moved by his genuine love and appreciation for people, but also the skill set this young man had in the science behind the network marketing industry, business and communications. While he was here to be mentored and grow, I too, experienced growth in learning from him. Chris is an unstoppable force who will not only lead you on a path to success but whom will be a genuine, supportive and trustworthy mentor. Chris, I am so proud of you and all you have grown to become. I look forward to being a part of your journey! xoxo 

- Tasia Stone Founder of Project You Academy & Founder of TheBeBox

The mentor-ship and training Chris Glod gave me cannot be quantified by a dollar amount.  He puts your personal friendship as a first priority.  He is someone who genuinely cares about your success and goes out of his way to assure you get the necessary knowledge required to build your business.  His teach style is very personable and easy to understand.  The mindset and information he delivers is unique and can only be regarded as one of a kind.  To put it simply, I am more than honored to have been able to be mentored from such a genuine, enthusiastic, hard-working, and selfless leader.  A life friend for sure.

 -Jon Wecker, network marketer in Jeunesse-