Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15216
Network Marketing Coach, Author, Speaker


Why I choose Exfuze

Chris has always believed health is as important as wealth. Without your health you have nothing, no matter how much money's in the bank.

As an avid health advocate, Chris is promoting the health and wellness company Exfuze.   Within Exfuze, he is excited to mentor, coach, and train new distributors to excel in their business.  It is his mission to spread a healthy lifestyle throughout the world using Exfuze.

The power behind the Exfuze opportunity and potential for passive income is enormous.  It is his wish that anyone who builds Exfuze will reach the six figure monthly mark and inspire others.

His mission is to build leaders and make lifelong friendships through the network marketing company.

The story behind Exfuze:
The company is approaching year 8 and the timing couldn't be more perfect.   With under 100 million in sales and 50,000 active distributors the company built its foundation in the Asian markets.

Being in America the launch of the United States is a huge advantage point for Chris because there is an extremely small saturation.  Saturation is never built around product saturation but name saturation.

How many people know who you are. If the company is not yet known the opportunity is huge!  

Chris feels with the second to none best products in the market for health and wellness that promoting comes easy.   As a distributor it's his goal to bring the company to a billion dollars in annual sales off of his efforts.

A lot of studies have shown that timing and numbers are important when picking a company. If the company is doing less than 100 million in sales, has less than 50,000 distributors, is debt free, and amazing products that joining that company is crucial for success.

There are many companies in the industry but most lack product value, have high saturation already, aren't debt free, or don't have a window of opportunity because they're old.

It is his personal opinion that Exfuze is one of the best companies to join in the industry.