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About Chris Glod

About Chris

Chris Glod is an Informational Coach, Trainer, Author, Investor, Cheif Marketing Officer, and Network Marketer.  Through his popular books and modules, Chris shares advice and knowledge on personal and professional growth.  

Would life be different for you if you had business mentors, investment advisers, and life coaches?  Mentors are the pre-cursor to success.  Chris believes the more you learn the more you earn.  He adopted this philosophy at a young age.  He knew that in life you have to follow people that have what you want.  If you do what they do, say what they say, work like they work, you will get what they have every time.  With a small network, he purchased a hundred books and began reading.  Books and audios were his first mentors.

Picasso said "Good artists copy but great artists steal."  In achieving success, you become your income.  The skills you develop and how well you train equate your value.  Learning and reaching out to mentors will grow you to influence your business.

Chris made a decision to find mentors beyond his readings.  Studying bioengineeing, he decided to drop out and chase his vision.  The five mentors he found coached him to become a rockstar network marketer.  He realized the knowledge and experimentation he learned needed to be shared with the rest of the world.

Network marketers have to learn two major skillsets for their success.  It  is a science exploring both.  The two major skill-sets are organic building and marketing.   There are four  skills in organic building that involve recruiting, storytelling, closing, and mindset.  In marketing. you develop  creating your audience” Chris understands with today’s economy and the environment we live in that most people struggle week by week with little opportunity.  He urges his followers and team to grow both professionally and personally to become their income. His coaching on leadership, skill-set, people, and marketing have made him an authority resource for insight on the industry. Amongst Chris Glods stellar accomplishments are: -Top income earner in his company -Author of 3 sales and business books -A strategic informational speaker who captivates and inspires audiences with his engaging and influential speaking style.  Offers insight on prospecting, recruiting, closing, storytelling, marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship via print, digital, and video media.

"I felt an obligation to help others.  I wanted to be a resource of value and plethora of knowledge in helping the average person create a network marketing business.  As a dropout i understand how important it is to design your own life.  It has been my mission to teach others."  -Chris Glod-

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