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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15216
Network Marketing Coach, Author, Speaker
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Multi-Module Coaching

Chris takes you one on one in four audio module series that really craft your skill-set in the areas of recruiting, storytelling, closing, and mindset.  To learn and know how to do each of these topics is one thing but Chris takes you to the level of mastery

Top Income Earner

Chris has had massive success within the network marketing profession. He reached the top bracket of a company with hundreds of personally enrolled network marketers.

Multi-Book Author

Chris has developed three outstanding  books on the network marketing industry that build the foundation to success for any network marketer from advanced to beginning knowledge.

Thousands Personally Coached

Chris has spent countless hours coaching thousands of people not only in his team but many other companies in the industry. He has helped network marketers with both personal and professional growth to achieve higher ranks in their company

Social Networking Mastermind

Once a year Chris hosts large mastermind events to really help network marketers take their business above and beyond with a three day weekend event!


Chris envisions himself as a product of growth. It takes 66 days to break and change habits / daily rituals. His goal and mission is to create change in others who will then inspire the world with the network marketing profession.

"The ability to adapt, learn, focus, and innovate will allow you to earn more income than the formal education system will ever earn you"

- Chris Glod
Network Marketing Science | Chris Glod

To find more leads, attract more prospects,  and close more people into your business.

The Free Training Every Network Marketer Needs to Learn
Tips on Attraction Marketing

A big question that you may or may not know the answer to is:  What is attraction marketing? This type of marketing is one of the most influential ways to grow your business yet the majority of businesses and network marketers fail you implement it correctly.  Attraction marketing is when marketing, you lead with value.  It comes down to a basic science of receptivity.   This concept relates to every aspect of human connections.  In attraction marketing you will give first before you ask.  By adding value to others you will put marketing into the marketplace to attract people to you.

Prospecting Tips | Your Entry Point

In a world full of people it is also a world full of people to connect, network, and collaborate.  Prospecting in network marketing is the same as collaborating.  You are finding people that want to build with you.  Once you have a lead to talk to the biggest question is when do you bring up your network marketing business?  Lets explain the science of recruiting a prospect or bringing them in as a customer.When you start communicating with another individual you have the opportunity to bring up your network marketing opportunity 

Social Marketing > Network Marketing

Before the age of social mediums the power to connect was limited.  To me, the old way of networking was what defines network marketing.  In today‚Äôs day and age people trust you more based on word of mouth referrals because of how socially connected we are.  The internet is an extremely powerful tool and with social networks it is the most powerful means of connecting of all time.  I call this Social Marketing.On social networks you are doing one of two things either attracting or repelling the people you are engaging your content with.  How 

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